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The following free trial terms and conditions are separate from the general terms and conditions applying to essentials membership and should be read in conjunction with that offering.


The following terms will apply if you have a free trial period for essentials membership with Leading Edge Retail:

  1. the free trial shall last an initial period of 60 days only. After the 60-day free trial, the regular price for the Essentials membership will be charged.

  2. All customers signing up for the free trial will be required to submit payment card details or direct debit bank account details as part of the process, to allow automatic payments once the free trial period finishes.

  3. Customers not wishing to continue the essentials membership once the free trial period ends must provide written notification via email to no less than three working days before the trial ends. A reminder email will be sent seven days before your first payment is due.

  4. Our offer applies only to new customers who select the free trial option when signing up to the essentials package.

  5. During the free trial period, the customer will have access to all Essential member benefits and services.

  6. This offer is only available to customers residing in Australia and who satisfy all identification and credit checks.

  7. Notice will be sent if the payment fails for any reason. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure payment details are correct to allow successful renewal payments.

  8. Leading Edge Retail reserves the right to remove or cancel a free trial offer at any time.

  9. Leading Edge Retail reserves the right to change the features of the trial offer at any time.

  10. Your trial period commences immediately from the moment that you activate your trial by submitting your payment details.

  11. Your personal and payment details will be managed in accordance with the company’s privacy policy and in conjunction with the Privacy Act 1988.

  12. This trial may not be extended under any circumstances. Customers who cancel their membership at any stage including during the trial period will not be eligible for any further trial period considerations.

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