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Helping small Australian family businesses survive and thrive for almost 40 years

We help small independent retail businesses because we believe it's the right thing to do. Every town and suburb relies on the many small businesses that serve them. They're the cornerstone of our communities, so we believe they deserve a community that supports them.


These small businesses don't always enjoy a big business's benefits and resources. Their struggle is real. We believe they should not be alone.


We know that in successfully helping small businesses, we will, in turn, be successful. We will not count that in dollars alone. We will go home each night knowing we made a difference. We do this because it is the Australian thing to do.


Built through necessity, realized through skill, and delivered with passion.


Our how

We provide services that matter to small businesses. These range from better financial terms, improved merchant fees, simplified invoicing and online web services to purchasing advantages through our large supplier network. 


We provide meaningful advice on workplace relations, store layouts, leasing, and expansion and sales. We offer a range of products and services at discounted rates to benefit your personal and professional circumstances.  We connect you to more customers through multi-channel marketing services and a supportive community of like-minded peers through events, conferences and noticeboards. We are your experts, confidants, counsellors, supporters and trusted peers.

Shaping Gold Ring

Our story

In 1980, a group of regional jewellers wanted to solve a problem that many small businesses faced and continue to face - lack of power to negotiated rates, discounts, and benefits from suppliers. From one meeting, a mission was born: to unite and improve their purchasing power.


The core group of members travelled on a plane, train, horseback and car to source stock and buy direct from factories in India, Europe, China and Thailand, essentially by-passing the traditional wholesaler and large distribution houses of the day.  


The news about the group's success travelled fast and in the late 90s, other categories such as music, homewares and computers were added to form Leading Edge Group. The books category was added in 1999 and the electronics category in 2004 to welcome former Dick Smith resellers looking for a new group.


Today, Leading Edge Retail continues to support all types of small and independent retailers across Australia by providing them access to an extensive network of suppliers, expert advice, tools, resources, benefits, and professional services

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