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Unlock the potential to grow your Tech Repair Business with Smart Choices

We know that to thrive and not just survive in retail you need levers you can pull to deliver the results you need. Extended payment terms, ways to move unwanted stock, easy access to expert retail advice and exclusive deals – it all needs to be at your fingertips.

Why Leading Edge?

We are dedicated to empowering independent tech repair businesses in their quest for cutting-edge technology products, comprehensive solutions, and professional retail guidance. Leveraging our extensive 40-year experience, expertise, and industry relationships, we provide our Members with a wide range of valuable business benefits, such as enhanced purchasing power, exclusive supplier access, reduced costs, industry insights, leadership guidance, and best practices to help drive their growth and success.

Reason to join Leading Edge Electronics 

  • A dedicated team who can source the products you want to offer your customers

  • Connecting with like-minded peers through our extensive Member and supplier network

  • Central billing and 60-day payment terms on invoices

  • Membership to the National Retail Association valued at over $550 per year

Support from leaders in retail

Our tech repair category team has a collective experience of more than 40 years in the industry, enabling us to offer our Members an extensive range of products and solutions at highly competitive prices, complemented by comprehensive business support. Whether you require assistance with inventory management, negotiating merchant rates, lease agreements, or staff training, our team possesses the knowledge and expertise to help you achieve your objectives. Rely on our team to provide you with the tools and resources you need to succeed in the tech repair industry.

Meet the Team

Discover your friendly Leading Edge Smart Choice Tech Repair team today!

Talin Danielian_BW.jpg

Talin Danielian

 Head of Electronics & Repairs

Talin has extensive experience in the IT and consumer electronics industries which align perfectly with her passion for technology and make her an ideal Electronics & Repair Category Manager with the Members’ best interest at heart.

Leah McCarthy_BW.jpg

Leah McCarthy

Head of Memberships

Leah has worked with Leading Edge Retail for over ten years in various roles across the business, primarily with the Electronics and Appliances categories before taking on the Head of Memberships role.

Joanne Hodgson_BW.jpg

Joanne Hodgson

Category Assistant, Electronics & Repairs

Joanne started working for LEG in 2016 and was instrumental in the formation of the Repair Group. Eventually moving across to the Electronics group where she uses her many years of support experience by delivering quality customer service.

Megan B&W.png

Megan Mawby

Category Assistant

Megan combines her frontline and online retail experience with from her role in the Microsoft Surface and XBOX teams to bring a unique blend of industry experience to the Computers category. Megan has an excellent understanding of all things tech, being an avid gamer and coder herself.

We’re here to help

You don’t have to go through all your challenges alone. In addition to our membership and category teams, our members have the support of experts and specialists in marketing, finance, operations and technology to help you reach more customers, manage cashflow, consolidate invoices and grow your business. Join Leading Edge and find out how we help independent retailers survive and thrive.

What Members Say

“Since joining Leading Edge Smart Choice Tech Repairs in early 2021, Burratronics has seen an increase in supplier and product availability, and a decrease in administration time. The support from the Leading Edge Smart Choice Tech Repairs team is quick and efficient and always helpful.”

–  Burratronics

Find the leading edge in tech repair retailing

Enjoy more customers, enhanced profitability, better connections, improved support and greater success!

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