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Get all the help you need to grow your retail business. Join a thriving community of small business owners and access exclusive services, benefits and resources all under one simple and affordable membership - saving you time, money and making running a business easier.


Get the answers to common questions about our loyalty and gift card benefits and services

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I order loyalty cards from to give to customers?

When you choose to participate in #LocalLikeUs, Leading Edge Retail will send you 25 loyalty cards to offer your customers. You can order additional loyalty cards from Leading Edge Marketplace.


Are there any costs associated with offering gift cards to my customers?

There are no store set-up or transaction costs associated with Leading Edge Retail gift cards. Participating businesses pay $1.50 per gift card, which covers all the costs of the card program. 

How can I get my business to appear on the Store Locator map?

All Leading Edge Retail Member stores are visible on the Store Locator map. #LocalLikeUs stores appear in a filtered view of the map. Every Leading Edge Member who participates in #LocalLikeUs can see their store in the filtered view and on the main map. 

Why do I need to put the Leading Edge Member decal on my window?

The decal makes your store instantly recognisable as part of the Leading Edge Retail community. It lets shoppers know they can purchase or redeem Leading Edge Retail gift cards and use their loyalty card or affiliation membership card to receive a 5% discount in your store*.

Will I need to pay to have my store promoted to 1 million new customers?

No. Leading Edge Retail will promote #LocalLikeUs at no cost to its members. In return, participating businesses offer these customers a 5% discount when they show their affiliated membership cards when purchasing in their store. 

* Product exclusions apply, see in store for details.

Have more questions?

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