We have the expertise,
experience and network to support small business

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Leading Edge supports you in the back office functions you’d normally do yourself, from finance, to marketing to website design.

Our finance people can work with your accountant to dramatically improve cashflow and billing. Lean on our marketing expertise to bring in more customers, or use our friendly, experienced designers to improve your online presence.

As one of the largest connected groups of independent retailers and suppliers in Australia, we give you serious purchasing power. Our members get access to a massive array of products including discounted IT equipment from suppliers like
HP, Lenovo and Microsoft, as well as lower prices from suppliers in a raft of different markets like jewellery, music, entertainment, appliances, and electrical equipment.

And although our focus is retail, we’re also about supporting local people and connecting you to a community of like-minded business owners. That’s the benefit of Leading Edge.

We know that small
businesses like yours are the core of local communities