means you’re never alone

Small business owners across the country share common experiences of the highs and lows of running their own show. Sometimes it’s exhilarating, sometimes it’s frightening, sometimes you can feel like you’re alone. You’re not.


Matt Gravestocks,
Business Owner - Murray Computers

We have been a member of
Leading Edge Computers
since it was started and have
never considered leaving
the group. Being part of
Leading Edge Retail allows
us, as an independent,
regional store, a large range
of key benefits. Having a
central billing system to
get favourable terms with a
large range of key suppliers
along with benefits such
as preferential freight
arrangements, pays for
our membership. While
the dedicated resources
in the support office for
things such as marketing,
e-commerce sites and
catalogues allows our
business to grow each year.
Leading Edge Retail truly
gives us the support that
typically would only be
available to large chains.


Chris Pepperell,
Business Owner - Red Eye Records, Sydney CBD

Using Leading Edge’s
cheaper EFTPOS / Merchant
rates, I more than make back
my monthly membership
fee – and that is just one of
the many benefits I receive
each month as part of the
Group. My business wouldn’t
be where it is today without
the financial and marketing
advantages gained by being
part of Leading Edge.

Adrian Wauchope,
Commercial Director - Universal Music Australia

We’ve found Leading Edge
Music to be a fantastic
connection between us
as a major record label
and the important world
of independent retailers.
They provide their
independent retailers
with the support and
representation required to
ensure the best prices and
campaigns are available
and that their voices are
heard. We are proud of
our long history in dealing
with Leading Edge Retail.

Let us welcome your family to ours, you deserve a leading edge.