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Attract and retain customers with a Leading Edge Retail loyalty card

#LocalLikeUs businesses offer Leading Edge Retail loyalty cards to their customers. These are used in-store to receive a 5% discount on selected products*. Give your customers a reason to keep buying from you by encouraging them to do more of what they want to do, which is to shop locally.

Research shows most Australian shoppers expect to be rewarded through online (71%) or in-store (63%) loyalty programs. Through #LocalLikeUs, participating Members now have access to Leading Edge Retail loyalty cards that provide shoppers with a 5% discount on selected in-store products.

These loyalty cards can be used across the Leading Edge Retail network and are transferable between all participating stores – providing shoppers with the ultimate purchasing freedom and range of choice. The loyalty cards can be connected to mass-scale promotional platforms, providing a compelling competitive offer, giving your business a competitive edge.

*Product exclusions apply see in-store for details.

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Leveraging partnerships to grow your business

The Leading Edge Retail partnership program is an extension of the loyalty card initiative, helping to increase brand awareness and attract new customers to all participating stores nationwide. To create a community, 41% of consumers think partnerships and sponsorships with other organisations is a service that retailers should provide. It’s also a way you can grow your brand awareness by leveraging off the brand trust and recognition of organisations that are potentially larger than your own.

By partnering with national third-party providers, we are equipped with powerful opportunities to reach over a million potential shoppers in exchange for a 5% discount on products and services offered by participating Member stores through the loyalty card. Shoppers are encouraged to shop locally across all participating Local Like Us Member stores.

The customers of organisations in the affiliation partnership program receive a 5% discount on selected products when they shop at any Local Like Us business across the Leading Edge Retail community and show their affiliation program membership card. This value exchange increases your store’s brand awareness and attracts customers to your shop who may not have been aware of your existence before.

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Attracting and retaining customers in 2022

Discover how small independent retailers can grow their businesses, capitalise on emerging trends, and get the support they need to surviive and thrive.

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Discover the benefits of becoming a Member of Leading Edge Retail. #LocalLikeUs is just one of the many ways we support small businesses every day of the year.

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