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Attract and retain customers with LeadingEdge Retail gift card

Stand out from competitors by marketing your store’s unique services and showcasing it as proudly local and independent. In store, participating #LocalLikeUs businesses are eligible to sell the Leading Edge Retail gift card, providing shoppers with the ultimate convenience and freedom of choice.

By empowering customers with physical cards (with details that can be checked online), buyers are actively encouraged to visit stores across the network and experience the benefits of shopping in-person. This provides retailers with an opportunity to meet consumers’ needs for human connection, customer service and the desire to support their local community.

 The Leading-Edge Retail Gift Card is also the ideal solution for uncertain times, when supply chain disruptions and low stock brings uncertainty to gift giving. In Australia, the gift card industry is predicted to achieve strong growth from 2021 to 2025; popular amongst shoppers as a convenient and easy gifting method.

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Leading Edge Retail gift cards can help grow your business

Across industries, gift cards promote businesses, increase brand awareness, reduce fraud, attract new customers, and guarantees future buyers. The Leading Edge Retail Gift card can be redeemed at any participating store, guaranteeing future customers for all participating Members. A centralised Leading Edge Retail gift card allows for cross-group promotions, and national marketing and advertising opportunities. It also means participating Members, who are Members of more than one group, do not need to stock multiple variations of individual branded gift cards.

These durable and electronically activated gift cards effectively replace any individual paper gift vouchers which stores may be using, or any gift card programs which do not meet required legislation in the compliance and management of customer funds. Leading Edge Retail Gift Cards work to improve your stores’ professional image to your customers; whilst offering a gift card program that meets all legal requirements and customer expectations.

How does it work

The Leading Edge Retail gift card is a webPOS activation card. The cards have no value until purchased and are activated through webPOS website at check-out (Point-of-Sale). Once activated, the card can be redeemed at all participating Leading Edge Retail Member stores as listed on the gift card website and Store Locator map.

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We're adding hundreds of Members' stores to the store locator map

Every store that participates in #LocalLikeUs appears on its nationwide Store Locator map. Not a Member of Leading Edge Retail?

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